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Three great reasons to choose MotionOne Studios . . .

We Create Photos, and Capture Moments

Whether you hire us to highlight stunning cuisine or photograph a corporate and private event, MotionOne Studios makes your vision realized, and capture those fleeting moments.

Quality and Satisfaction

Never in a rush, decisive planning and pre-visualization to make every shot count is what enables MotionOne Studios to produce high quality imagery and customer satisfaction.


Fast, efficient, reliable turnaround is all but important to our clients. Whether delivering 4000 photos from a sporting event or just a few product shots. MotionOne Studios strives to meet and exceed delivery expectations.

About MotionOne

"Seeing Beyond Seeing"__The Tao of Photography

Vince Lucena

Vince Lucena


Founded in 2006 MotionOne Studios has always had passion in seeing beyond ordinary perceptions and not just knowing the technicality of a capture system. I believe seeing, visualizing, zen moments, or what-ever coined term we may wish to use is at the heart of producing quality still or motion imagery.

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